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DC One In Partnership with Systems Integrators Deploying Cloud Computing Services

7th, October 2015

The increasing popularity of a cloud based computing model results in significant cost savings and delivers better and more effective IT solutions which grow responsively and flexibly in line with business demands. Cloud computing offers clients with flexible access to a wide range of services including files, documents, applications and email services.

In order to support the deployment of responsive and reliable cloud based computing the availability of high quality regional data centre infrastructure capacity is essential.

Whist a small number of Systems Integrators chose to build their own in house data centre the reality is that only large national or multi-national organisations have the expertise and finances required to design and build data centres engineered to support reliable cloud services. The capabilities and levels of availability of small in house developed data centres are unlikely to match those of a professionally designed purpose built colocation facility and will fall short of performance demanded by today’s cloud computing clients.

First opened in March 2014 Workspace Technology’s Birmingham based colocation data centre has proven to be popular with a growing number of System Integrators and is supporting a range of cloud computing services for clients across the region. After just 18 months “Pod 1” has now exceeded 30% capacity with a predicted 80% take up within the next 18 to 24 months.

This co-location data centre has been specifically designed by Workspace Technology in order to address the shortfall of high quality regional colocation data centre capacity. This data centre is an ideal base from which Systems Integrators can cost affectively setup and evolve cloud based computing services for their clients.

Five Reasons to Partner with Workspace Technology’s Rack Hosting Team.

Focus on Core Services – By partnering with Workspace Technology, System Integrators are free to focus on core clouding computing activities without the need to worry about the implementation of power, cooling and infrastructure.

Established and Financially Robust Partner - Workspace Technology is an industry respected, established and financially secure organisation. We are committed to investing into our colocation data centre in order to establish one of the UK’s leading regional data centre facilities.

Award Winning Data Centre Expertise – Workspace Technology’s core expertise is designing, building and maintaining data centre infrastructure for private and public sector clients across the UK.  With expert, award winning data centre engineers to hand you can be re-assured that you’re mission critical infrastructure is in trusted hands.

Scalable Proposition - Workspace Technology offers a refreshing and flexible approach to Systems Integrators. With an initial commitment starting from as little as 1 “U” of rack space they are able to establish small scale cloud computing facilities with modest start up fees. As services expand Workspace Technology can offer additional rack space or facilitate migration to dedicated equipment racks scaled to align with revenue base.

High Quality Colocation Data Centre Facility – Workspace Technology’s “DC One” is an excellent high quality and modern data centre facility. Conveniently located in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham it allows regional cloud computing Systems Integrators to invite clients for viewings to provide your clients with the assurance and credibility re-enforcing your ability to deliver robust cloud services.

Nick Roberts Workspace Technology’s Rack Hosting manager commented “We are committed to working with Systems Integrators and helping them to deploy clouding computing services in a scalable and cost effective fashion for their clients.  Our flexible approach and business model is proving popular with a growing number of cloud computing Systems Integrators focused on the SME market.


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