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3D Data Centre Modelling and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

8th, April 2016

As part of Workspace Technology’s ongoing commitment to deliver industry leading data centre services they have recently introduced a competitive range of data centre 3D modelling and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Services.

3D Modelling - By implementing Data Centre 3D modelling this helps data centre operators to better visualise mission critical infrastructure for prospective clients, investors and business managers. 3D modelling can also help provide leverage when applying for budget approvals.

The 3D modelling engagement now offered by Workspace Technology includes the generation of 3D data centre models and the creation of detailed rendered images and ‘walk’ through M-Peg movie files.

3D CFD Data Centre Modelling – Workspace Technology’s new a range of 3D predictive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been specifically developed to help clients better visualise data centre infrastructure and to generate predicated thermal maps based on design airflow patterns. The 3D CFD Data Centre Modelling service utilises Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare™ for Data Centres - Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software suite.

This industry-leading software enables Workspace Technology’s data centre engineers to generate interactive 3D models of both existing and planned data centre infrastructure. The StruxureWare™ technology allows Workspace Technology’s design engineers to model individual rack equipment kW densities, cooling equipment and airflow arrangements. Once the data centre has been accurately modelled sophisticated algorithms will generate detailed predictions of data centre CFD characteristics.  The StruxureWare™ software allow CFD mapping to be visualised across both horizontal and vertical axis planes throughout the entire data centre facility.

Workspace Technology’s 3D – CFD Data Centre Modelling service offers a cost effective alternative to traditional labour intensive CFD techniques which have historically been expensive to deploy.

Roy Griffiths Technical Director commented “This recent investment in 3D modelling tools now positions Workspace Technology with the ability to provide realistic data centre models that are impossible to achieve from traditional 2D drawings. In addition Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare™ for Data Centres tool predictive CFD modelling enables clients to develop, bench mark and verify data centre designs prior to implementation or alternatively 3D CFD can help data centre operators to check on the performance of existing infrastructure.”

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