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Schneider Electric In-Row Data Centre Cooling Technology for Premier Oil

17th, July 2014

As part of the Premier Oil investment within its Aberdeen operations a purpose built data centre was established to support the company’s expanding computing requirements.

As the UK’s leading APC by Schneider Electric Elite Data Centre Partner Workspace Technology was well positioned to design a complete data centre installation for Premier Oil based on APC’s leading range of power, cooling, rack and DCIM management technology.

Workspace Technology selected APC’s industry leading InRow Direct Expansion technology as the primary means of data centre cooling for this project. InRow cooling helps improve efficiency and facilitates the deployment of higher density equipment.

The Schneider Electric InRow Direct Expansion design closely couples the cooling with the IT heat load. When combined with aisle containment the design prevents hot air recirculation, while improving cooling predictability and allowing for a pay-as-you-grow environment.

The InRow Direct Expansion intelligent controls actively adjust fan speed and refrigerant flow to closely match the IT heat load maximising efficiency whilst addressing the dynamic demands of contemporary IT environments.

InRow Cooling Delivers Reliability:

  • Predictable airflow keeping hot air in the hot aisle
  • Redundancy by maintaining availability at rack, row, and room level
  • Standardised systems provide centralised cooling
  • Deploys in any environment without modifying design

InRow Cooling Delivers Efficiency:

  • Shortened air movement path reduces fan power
  • Increased efficiency with speed fans
  • DX units are configured with variable speed compressors
  • Delivers increased cooling capacity due to higher return air temperature
  • Enables improved control of rack inlet temperature
  • Active response control varying cooling capacity to match IT load

InRow Cooling Delivers Flexibility:

  • The room neutral design neutralises the heat load of IT equipment supporting new and existing data centre environments
  • Modular Components reduce MTTR with hot-swappable assemblies

As an APC by Schneider Electric Elite Data Centre Partner Workspace Technology has full access to industry leading power, cooling, environmental monitoring, DCIM, racks and accessories to provide holistic data centre, server room and comms room solutions. Workspace Technology can help provide significant energy savings through intelligent technology deployment.

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