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Why Build a Dedicated Data Centre

28th, July 2008

It is widely acknowledged that I.T services are essential for the running and operation of any business. Whilst no expense is spared for front of house reception or the latest machinery, in many instances there is little thought given to the environment in which I.T business critical platforms are housed.

Very often expensive business systems at best are located in aging, undersized or under specified server or comms rooms, at worst they are relegated to cleaning cupboards, stairwells or under desks.

The following outlines key drivers for the investment in a professionally designed, dedicated server room / data centre facility.

  • It is often significantly less expensive to invest in mitigating risks of downtime, than to recover from the event after it occurs. The deployment of a server room solution is part of an overall business continuity strategy, providing an enhanced Network Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI).
  • Office environments are primarily designed for the comfort of people and not for electronic equipment. Server room solutions are designed specifically for the environmental support and protection of sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Well designed cooling and critical power distribution systems are essential for continued I.T systems availability. These systems can only be deployed effectively within a dedicated server room facility. Server equipment represents a significant contributor to greenhouse gases within a modern business environment. Energy efficiencies can be obtained through dedicated well designed, right sized cooling and power plant.
  • General office environments either do not have fire protection systems, or where they do, if deployed they will cause irreparable damage to I.T equipment. Fire protection can be enhanced through the installation of fire rated materials for server room construction. In addition where the deployment of dedicated fire suppression systems are required, specialist systems will not harm equipment in the event of activation. Indeed it is possible for systems to continue operation.
  • In many instances access to critical I.T equipment is restricted with inadequate front and rear clearance or clutter. A dedicated server room when professionally designed will provide clear unrestricted access.
  • General office environments do not offer the best security for I.T equipment. Enhanced physical security can be gained through the used of access control systems for entry to dedicated server room facilities.

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