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Welcome to the “AGE OF THE EDGE”

8th, January 2021

There is no AI without IA

There is no Artificial Intelligence without Infrastructure Architecture!

AI-based software has accelerated and is now used in everyday life for example your Smart Phone, Social Media Feeds, Music Streaming, Alexa, Siri, Gaming, Satnav, the list is endless and it is also driving future innovation to discover operational and experiential insights.

The right infrastructure to support this is vital. Latency has always been a problem for Data Centre Managers, but in recent years it has become a critical concern due to technology trends. End users and devices demand anywhere, anytime access to applications and latency is no longer tolerable. AI requires low latency, trustworthy, analysed algorithms and data that is securely and climatically stored near points of presence and the services that they serve.

Today’s technology is run on real-time data inputs and generates data that has value for a very short time frame.

Welcome the AGE OF THE EDGE!

Gartner predicts that by 2025, there will be a 75% jump in the data generation and processing happening at the edge and not at the central data centre.

Edge enables relaying the data output back to end users more quickly by bypassing a series of switches, routers, base stations, and other touchpoints that make it a lengthy process and cost more time and resources.

PWC report states that by filtering the data close to the source, low-cost edge centres, can help close the potential 64 zettabyte gap between global Data Centre traffic and useable data created.

Are you ready for the AGE OF THE EDGE?

Workspace Technology are and have a team of Edge Deployment specialist ready to escort you on your journey.


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