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To create a smart world, you first need a smart infrastructure!

14th, May 2021

The top tech words and phrases of the moment focus on AI, AR, VR, Smart Cities  and Big Data. All of these have one thing in common, the speed they require to work.

Speed is the single most talked about advantage of 5G, on 4G, latency averages around 35-50ms (milliseconds), while on 5G, the average is around half that currently and will go as low as 1ms ultimately.

But how do you achieve the speed whilst carrying the volume of data required for a sharper, smarter, safer, and more connected world?

By building a dense network of base stations and cabins in the small cell infrastructure! Thus, allowing more processing to happen on the edge, leading to lower latencies and faster data processing.

To upgrade the infrastructure is a mammoth task ensuring FTTB and FTTP across the world, not just to the cities but to the rural communities also, we are in a fibre explosion building a gigabit world.  Repeater cabins are being build every 60 miles to ensure the signal strength. These cabins need to be low maintenance, high security, weatherproof, EMC / EMI compliant, and meet IP65 standard. Designed with correct cooling and power to protect and support the growing density of the infrastructure to ensure long Term Evolution.

If you are tasked with building fibre infrastructure, Workspace Technology Ltd can help you ring the changes. Give our Telecoms Team a call to discuss your pre-fabricated cabins and enclosures requirements, our design team can provide a turnkey solution tailored to meet all your infrastructure needs.

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