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The Importance of Data Centres in a Pandemic

19th, March 2020

Data Centres are fundamental to our society, in every way they are crucial for everything we do including assisting with communication, transport, government, banking, the public health service and emergency services to name but a few.

So, in these troubling times as the COVID 19 virus accelerates and more and more people will be working from home and forced to isolate, greater pressure will be placed on our data centres and our digital infrastructure.

It is critical now more than ever that data centres continue to provide uninterrupted services as businesses, emergency services, homeworkers and families can continue to operate in these challenging times.

Because of this, maintenance of data centres is of paramount importance if we are to ensure our data centres remain fully operational. In addition, some data facilities will be severely understaffed, making it difficult to monitor faults and potential issues.

Some of the key preparations a data centre owner can undertake is to weigh up the safety of staff and the availability to man their centres. Where possible staff should have the ability to work remotely from home and facilitated to do so. Lowering human traffic within your centre can help when tracing steps and locating where possible infectious areas may be.

Limit the amount of human contact, this can be done by working out an alternative shift pattern, so staff have little or no contact with each other. Ensuring staff are protecting themselves and their working environment by wiping down areas of possible human contamination. This will help with the health and safety of highly trained critical workers.

Similarly, Engineers attending sites can still carry out their regular maintenance if the correct measures are put in place and adhered to. Engineers, much like everyone are extremely conscious of social distancing and making sure they follow the current guidelines on washing hands and wiping down their work areas.

To ensure your facility maintains its critical services and no downtime occurs, servicing of data centres should continue. Depending on the age of the equipment, neglected centres could increase the risk of failures and loss of data. Similarly, equipment that is currently covered under warranty, that is not serviced could face the possibility of having their warranties voided.

It is vital that we minimise the affect on our services and equipment and remain fully operational during this difficult time. If you have any concerns about your data centre facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to provide you with the best information and services possible.

We are facing unprecedented times. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting our families, our businesses and our communities, on behalf of all of us at Workspace Technology Limited we are committed to being your partner and persevering together in the days and months ahead.

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