The world of telecommunications has changed dramatically over the last few decades with the advent of the Internet, cellular networks and cloud computing revolutionising the way we communicate with each other. The need for speed is driving companies to opt for on-premise edge IT infrastructure to deliver the required responsiveness, reliability and performance. This is particularly the case when network connections don't deliver sufficient bandwidth for data heavy mobile applications. The need for control, privacy and policy makes it virtually impossible to move to a cloud only model, but requires an on-premise solution that will resolve latency issues and downtime.

As networks are becoming increasingly virtualised, edge computing offers the telecommunications industry an architecture on which to develop new services around IoT; there are opportunities to offer innovative new services and experiences by delivering them closer to their customers. In addition, use of edge computing architecture enables operators to consume technologies from many vendors and optimise the efficiency and utilisation of their infrastructure resources, while accelerating time to revenues.

Large players in the Telco sector already have the infrastructure in place, it simply needs modernising and that's where Edge Compute can play a vital role. It is that conversion from one architecture to another that specifically enables Telco's to participate in much larger revenue opportunities. Telco's are well placed to take advantage of IoT that require Local Edge Computing to meet the necessary application requirements.

Workspace Technology provides a range of agile Mission Critical Micro Data Centres for edge computing that creates a high-performance bridge for public and private clouds, co-located corporate data centres and local on-premise IT deployments.

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