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2020 Predictions: The Data Centre Industry’s Crystal Ball

Posted by Workspace

It’s fair to say that it is challenging to predict exactly what will happen in 2020 when technology moves at such an unmanageable pace, however the experts at Workspace Technology…
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5G and the Impact on Data Centres

Posted by Workspace

It’s no secret that the adoption of the Internet is infiltrating throughout the World’s population, in fact according to research from DataReportal there were 5.1 billion mobile internet users and…
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Taking IT to the ‘Edge’

Posted by Workspace

Technology as much as it drives innovation, it can also bring its own set of challenges, especially those with multiple sites. Technological advancements are providing organisations with new improved business…
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Centralised Cloud Computing Goes Full Circle with Edge

Posted by Workspace

Centralised ‘Cloud’ Computing Goes Full Circle with the advent of ‘Edge’ Computing Architecture There are two main types of edge data centre. The first is a small facility used to…
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