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Small is Mighty: The Rise of the Micro Data Centres

10th, April 2018

Edge Technology. Heard of it? We’d be surprised if you hadn’t as it is one of the hottest topics currently as the demand for digital services increases. Edge Technology brings the trend of deploying micro data centres.

These self-contained prefabricated pods can be easily integrated together allowing for quick deployment delivering business efficiency by scaling your IT infrastructure up or down depending on what your business dictates. Not only that, they are also cost effective enabling the required capital for acquiring a large data centre to be spread over time as additional pods are procured.

Not only do Micro Data Centres provide scalability they deliver reliability. Some companies prefer the reassurance that their legacy data or mission critical applications are hosted on-premise rather than being stored in the Cloud or within a colocation centre.

Micro Data Centres are designed to house both core and edge IT functions critical to the operation of both SME and corporate business enterprises. Workspace Technology’s solution addresses the fundamentals of racks, power, cooling, fire suppression, wiring, security and environmental monitoring requirements all in one small space.

The overall benefits of opting for a Micro Data Centre include:

• Standardised Model – Creation of a Core Standardised Design to suit all
• Cost Effective – Maximising investment to reduce OPEX and CAPEX costs. Removes the cost associated with one off designs or use of consultants
• Energy Efficient – Maximise IT energy efficiency and minimise carbon emissions by producing a facility which delivers industry leading Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) levels
• Resilient – Redundancy & Resilience built in to ensure system availability
• Secure – Physical & Electronic security built within
• Adaptable, Scalable & Re-Deployable – To allow the facility to grow and expand in-line with IT demands over its entire lifetime
• Rapidly Deployable – Decreases the time taken to deploy a new facility using Modular Architecture
• Easily Maintainable – Ease of access to services combined with the incorporation of Modular Hot Swappable Technology, all covered by an SLA service agreement to ensure operational functionality.

The continued growth of ‘Edge’ technology will be spurred on by the adoption of the IoT with the Micro Data Centre market expected to be worth $6.3 billion by 2020 according to a report by MarketsandMarkets. With the agile nature of micro data centres, they can be deployed indoors or outdoors including rugged terrains which minimises the physical footprint required whilst being extremely energy efficient.

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