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Six Advantages of Traditional Colocation Data Centre Rack Space Provider

7th, October 2015

The main goal of many data centre operators is to maximise revenues by upselling a complete range of managed services ranging from telephony, server hardware, storage solutions, and full application suites. Whilst this type of offer may suit the operating model of some businesses it is not compatible with those intelligent end users and is in direct conflict with Systems Integrators who choose to manage their own hardware and to add their own set of USPs and value add in support of their customer offerings.

Workspace Technology’s approach is simple, we provide traditional rack colocation or Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS) delivering resilient and energy efficient power, cooling and rack capacity in order to allow clients to install and managed their own equipment.

The advantages that Workspace Technology’s DC One Birmingham Colocation Data Centre can offer clients include:-

1 – Owner Operated Data Centre

Only a small number colocation providers own and operate their own data centre infrastructure. A number of operators simply resell services from others entirely, or integrate the services of others into their solutions.

Workspace Technology designed, built, operates and owns its own Birmingham colocation data centre facility ensuring we are in full control.

2 - Impartial Flexible Solutions

Partnering with a provider who offers a flexible approach and wide choice of different rack options, whilst allowing clients to select their preferred carrier without financial penalty ensures our clients do not have to compromise.

Workspace Technology’s Birmingham colocation data centre offers flexible colocation packages and vendor neutral bandwidth.  Our team will work with you to understand your requirements and offer flexible packages that are optimal to support your colocation rack requirements.

3- Neutral Colocation Providers Encourage Value Added Providers

Neutral data centre partners focus entirely on their core business, which they aim to excel at. They will not push clients towards additional value added services in order to maximise rack revenue. Many data centre providers offer services stretching from the core data centre infrastructure layer all the way to the app layer. These companies do so to increase their market share and retain as much of the deal as they can.

Workspace Technology’s approach is simple, we provide traditional rack colocation or Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS) delivering resilient and energy efficient power, cooling and rack capacity in order to allow clients to install and manage their own equipment.

4- Accessibility

Accessibility can often be a problem with data centres that are more focused on delivering managed Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS). Advanced booking to access the data centre is a mandatory requirement with many data centre operators this make it difficult for Systems Integrators to provide a responsive service for their cloud based clients.

By pre-registering your cleared personnel Workspace Technology provides flexible 365 x 24 hours hassle free access to the colocation data centre space.

5 -Sell With, Never Against

In the data, telecommunications, and IT industries, relationships can often be conflicted; selling with a partner on one deal, competing with them on the next. With a neutral partnership you can be assured that your business interests align and interlock, not overlap or contradict each other.

Workspace Technology’s core business is designing, building and maintaining data centre infrastructure. We do not seek to compete in the managed service space consequently there is no conflict of interest; simply put our interest is your interest enabling mutual business benefit and growth.

6 - Mutually Beneficial Success

Neutral colocation data centre providers want their Integrated Solutions customers to succeed, so that they in turn can place more business with them. They are intimately invested in your prosperity, unlike a managed services reseller or large carrier, who is merely interested in your purchase order.

Many colocation providers simply want you to take a slice of your value added USPs, selling rack space on the proviso that you buy into their own value added services in order to increase the revenue for rack.

Workspace Technology aims to develop and enhance relationships with Systems Integrators and Intelligent End Users in order to provide reliable and energy efficient rack space.

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