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Security: How Serious Are You?

4th, November 2019

Do you take physical security seriously in your data centre? Is your data protected from physical threats?

Whenever we think about the security of our data, the focus tends to be on the prevention of cyber-attacks. However, this is only one element to consider when keeping our data safe, unfortunately the physical threat often goes overlooked and neglected.

Have you ever worried about just how secure your data is?

Imagine a scenario, where your business has paid a small fortune for a brand-new state-of-the-art data storage facility. Having assessed the security risk to this facility as low, you opted not to include any form of physical security. Now imagine an unauthorised person, or employee, enters that facility and makes off with your sensitive data. The repercussions of this could be catastrophic to a business. Not only have you lost potentially sensitive and personal information, but you could also face financially crippling fines for non-compliance of data privacy and security regulations. Data breaches can be costly and can cause irreparable damage to your company’s reputation.

It seems every week another company hits the headlines with a data breach scandal, announcing to their customers that their personal data has been compromised. In June the Information Commissioners Office issued British Airways with a whopping £183 million fine for failure to protect customers’ information and poor security of personal and confidential data. The incident saw the personal data of over 500,000 customers stolen, the data contained customers’ credit card information, passport numbers, addresses and dates of birth.

In another high-profile incident, the High Court ruled that employers are now liable for an employee’s misuse of data, even if the company storing the data did everything, they could to prevent it. The ruling was made against Morrisons after a security breach in 2014 by disgruntled employee Andrew Skelton who stole and leaked the payroll data of his co-workers. Skelton was jailed for fraud, but Morrisons took the biggest punishment when they were fined by the ICO and employees launched a class action against the supermarket giant. The High Court ruled against Morrisons, who now face a multi-million-pound bill in compensation claims from affected employees.
With the stakes so high and the consequences potentially damaging to your business, the last thing you want is someone walking into your data centre and walking out with your information. So, what does it take to physically secure a data centre?

In order to stop criminals getting into a data centre, entry to the facility should be properly managed and monitored. As part of Workspace Technology’s data centre security systems, we provide intruder detection, access control and CCTV systems. Depending on your requirements Workspace Technology offers clients with data centre security options based on ‘what you have’, ‘what you know’, and ‘who you are’.

IP CCTV and network video technology:
Workspace Technology can provide the design and installation of digital network video captured and storage technology for data centre environments. Also, on offer are a range of video monitoring and recording technology for data centre security surveillance and remote monitoring applications.

Access control security systems:
Workspace Technology includes the design and installation of Access Control and Door Entry solutions as part of a one stop shop data centre security portfolio. The range of data centre security systems include; solutions for standalone doors from digital keypads to proximity readers, flexible systems for small to medium-sized enterprises and scalable card access control systems. These are designed to facilitate the most demanding requirements for any size of enterprise - Access Control solutions are engineered to meet individual client critical infrastructure security requirements.

Intruder alarm systems:
Workspace Technology offers intruder alarm design and installation services. Providing user-friendly security systems which are simple, trouble free and effective at protecting your business, employees, visitors, information and assets. Whatever your needs, Workspace Technology will assess the risks your premises and operations present and build an intruder alarm solution around them combining proven techniques with leading edge technology.

For more information on our full range of data centre security products and services, please contact our Sales Team on 0121 354 4894 or send us a message.


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