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Rightsizing in 2021

26th, February 2021

2020 was all about finding short-term solutions for immediate IT needs.

In 2021 are we seeing a return of big investments in IT infrastructure? or has lockdown dampened the appetite to invest and put long term projects on the backburner?

With the emergence of the “Hybrid Workforce”, will elements of homeworking remain long after lockdown is lifted? And what impact will this have to your IT Infrastructure?

Dell have stated “that technology breakthroughs will accelerate the pace of change in 2021.”

Data Centre Technology is impacted by the same drivers as the rest of the ICT sector. Trends such as 5G, Carbon Neutrality and IOT, are all expected to impact the Data Centre.

5G will unlock unprecedented levels of connectivity that will help to expand the scope and reach of remote learning, connected healthcare and innovative business models. Will we also see AI, and 5G come together to develop intelligent devices for a connected workforce?

But what is the “Right Size” for your business? and what considerations should be made as we embrace the new normal?

Energy consumption: Climate control is one of the biggest consumers of energy in the Data Centre. Implementing a “Green” IT infrastructure that will use less energy without compromising on cooling capacity is key. Refreshing your legacy air conditioning with new technology will provide long-term savings, not just on the environment but your operating costs also.

Scalability: The capacity to change in size or scale to accommodate future demands is vital. Your business today is not the same size as tomorrow!

Location: 5G and IoT continue to drive demand for Edge computing, having your information near the source is paramount to ensure you have real-time information at your fingertips.

Sustainability: Remote monitoring and regular servicing are key. To prolong the life of your Data Centre and reduce the risk of down time or servers being damaged, regular servicing and monitoring is an essential investment. Service level agreements (SLAs) are key when it comes to IT equipment and maintaining the integrity of the product as well as predicting failure before it happens.

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