Chilled Water Systems

Onsite Maintenance Maintenance - Planned Preventative Maintenance

Onsite Maintenance Maintenance - Planned Preventative Maintenance

Expert planned preventative maintenance, emergency call-out, optimisation and enhanced support services.

Workspace Technology’s Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance services cover a wide range of chilled water systems including mechanical chillers, adiabatic free cooling systems, cooling towers, pumps, values, pipework and control systems.

Our Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance services include both planned preventive and unplanned emergency callout support. Where appropriate contracts include consumables as recommended for each system.

Workspace Technology provides Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance contracts to organisations across the UK. We can provide standalone Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance or this can form part of an integrated service package including air-conditioning, free cooling systems, chilled water, UPS, generator, fire suppression and associated mission critical infrastructure. In addition, our “optimised” maintenance service contracts can helps improve operational performance, reducing energy costs allowing clients to focus on their core ICT services.

Planned Preventative Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance

All Planned Preventative Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance is performed by competent and fully trained engineers. PPMs should be carried out throughout the life of the facility, helping identify worn or out-of-date parts, enabling pre-emptive replacement to take place prior to component failure.

Regular PPM Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance will ensure cooling equipment is operating correctly with up-to-date firmware helping avoid unscheduled breakdowns and associated downtime.

Planned Preventative Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance is undertaken according to manufacturer’s recommendations or legislation and will vary between equipment types. Where appropriate or included within the contract schedule consumables will also be replaced.

Emergency Callout Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance Services

Workspace Technology offers a 24 x 365 unplanned emergency Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance callout service designed to provide onsite attendance, diagnostics and repair in the event of equipment failure in between planned service visits.

Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance Support Plan Options Include:

Standard Routine maintenance with access to our call-out service. All newly supplied products covered within warranty period.

Comprehensive Provides full service including call-out charges and equipment replacement both in and out of warranty subject to exclusions.

Callout service levels of up to 4 working hours can be achieved at all locations on the UK mainland through our network of field service engineers.

Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance Frequency

It is recommended that Chiller Plant & Chillers are regularly maintained. Workspace Technology recommends quarterly service visits when installed within a critical space such as server room or data centre environments.

Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance PPM Service Inclusions

Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance inspections will involve testing, inspection, adjustment, cleaning and lubrication as appropriate for all keys systems including, but not limited to:

  • All electrical systems including, pumps, compressors and motors.
  • All water systems including pipework, valves, isolators.
  • Refrigeration systems.

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For more information on our full range of Data Centre Chiller Plant & Chiller Maintenance Services please contact our sales team on 0121 354 4894 or send us a message.