Site Engineer Services

Support - Enhanced Maintenance Services

Support - Enhanced Maintenance Services

Expert planned preventative maintenance, emergency call-out, optimisation and enhanced support services.

Workspace Technology provides Facilities Engineer / Maintenance Engineer Site visits to complement existing equipment orientated PPM servicing by ensuring that general supporting infrastructure is in good working order.

Most companies will procure Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) service activities which are generally targeted on core plant such as UPS systems, chillers or generator sets. However, these PPM visits do not cover general infrastructure which is often overlooked.

What is involved?

An experienced Maintenance Engineer will attend site to undertake a series of inspections, testing, lubrications, adjustments and repairs on a range of items including, but not limited to:

  • Cable Containment.
  • Cabling Infrastructure.
  • Equipment Racks.
  • Lighting Systems & Electrical Systems.
  • Aisle Containment Systems.

Site Facilities Engineer Frequency

Depending on the nature and size of the data centre the recommended attendance frequency may vary. The list below provides a guide to the recommended number of annual visits.

<20 Racks - 1 Visit
<20-40 Racks - 2 Visits
<40-60 Racks - 3 Visits
<60-100 Racks - 4 Visits

Click here to view our Facilities Engineer/Maintenance Engineer Service Guide.

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