Fuel Polishing Services

Support - Enhanced Maintenance Services

Support - Enhanced Maintenance Services

Expert planned preventative maintenance, emergency call-out, optimisation and enhanced support services.

Large quantities of water build up through condensation and will contaminate fuel providing greater risk of failure to start/run for a generator.

Warm weather will also cause the tanks to sweat as they have been cold for some months and as the warmer weather heats up the storage, condensation will occur.

All fuel supplied has a 7-8% bio content, the life of this fuel is 12 months before these bio elements will start to break down and result in deposits and bio mass build up.

Workspace Technology provides Diesel Fuel Polishing Services to organisations across the UK. We can provide standalone Fuel Polishing Services or this can be performed as part of a generator planned preventative maintenance visit.

The Fuel Polishing Service includes:

  • Inspect storage tank for integrity
  • Inspect fuel delivery system for integrity
  • Check compliance with Workspace Technology minimum standards
  • Check gauges and measures
  • Fuel polishing to remove moisture and debris
  • Fuel additive to prevent bio-mass build-up
  • Check valve operation
  • Disposal of fuel waste

This service option includes labour, equipment and all required filters, chemicals and disposal of collected debris and bio mass.

For more information on our full range of Generator Fuel Polishing & Data Centre Maintenance Services please contact our sales team on 0121 354 4894 or send us a message.