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Consultancy, Audit & Survey Services Optimising Operations and to Improve Energy Efficiency.

Data Centres are dynamic environments that experience constant changes in I.T loads as new systems are installed, old systems decommissioned, or virtual server technology implemented. These changing environments can often lead to an imbalance that can contribute to poor energy performance. Additionally, new data centres can be commissioned for the ‘day 1‘ design load. Very often the initial day 1 load will fall short of design expectations.

Data Centre Energy Optimisation Services are designed to address data centre imbalances by fine tuning system settings and configuration arrangements with the aim to achieve improvement in energy efficiency with the existing infrastructure capability.

Works will be undertaken by experienced data centre engineers with an understanding of controls, airflow and performance characteristics of systems plant such as fans pumps and compressors. Where free cooling technology is available engineers will look at available options to increase percentage utilisation.

The Data Centre Energy Optimisation Service is designed to allow data centre operators to deliver maximum performance within ASHRAE recommended or allowable environmental operating range.

Frequency - Annually or following major changes to the I.T load.

Optimisation Schedule of Works

The following works will form part of the Data Centre Optimisation Service.

Benchmarking - In the first instance the existing system configuration will be identified and benchmarked. This will include I.T load, Total Facility Power and PUE calculations undertaken.

Following the benchmark exercise, we will undertake optimisation activities with a view to reduce the Total Facility Power and therefore improve the PUE performance of the data centre facility.

Optimisation - Workspace Technology will identify and undertake fine tuning of a range of cooling & airflow related systems.

  • Identify Preferred Operating Equipment Inlet Temperature Requirements.
  • Review and fine tune CRAC* configuration where fitted and where available.
  • Review and fine tune Chilled Water configurations where fitted and where available.
  • Review and fine tune free cooling configurations where fitted and where available.
  • Inspect and Balance Airflow.
  • Inspect Heat distribution.

In addition, the team will review electrical settings on relevant equipment and adjust to suit application.

Optimisation Report - A report will be produced identifying the problem, associated action and the resultant power reduction or PUE performance improvement. Where we have identified problems or improvements that cannot be completed by configuration changes alone we will include these within the report as a set of recommendations.

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