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Direct Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling

Direct Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling

Award-winning technology that offers significant energy savings when compared to traditional cooling systems.

Conventional cooling will require a combination of controls, pumps, fans, motors and compressors depending on the technology. All of these devices require electricity to operate. Workspace Technology’s Freecool® evap cooling system simply requires fans to control the flow of air through the data centre.

The Freecool® evap cooling system uses EC fans instead of traditional A/C fans. EC fans have an electronically commutated permanent magnet DC motor. This technology, which is insensitive to voltage fluctuations, provides extremely quiet running, long life and continuously adjustable speeds. EC motors help to minimise operating costs with their high efficiencies of up to 92% compared to traditional A/C fans. By deploying a series of temperature and pressure sensors the Freecool® evap cooling system accurately controls the speed of intake and exit fans via a 0-10V control signal. Reducing EC fan speed helps minimise operating power, typically reducing the fan speed by 25% will result in an incredible 75% reduction in power consumption.

This is why Freecool® evap cooling system by Workspace Technology uses significantly less energy than data centre cooling via conventional technology.

Very often critical loads are over estimated when new data centres are built. It is difficult for conventional solutions to provide ‘design’ PUE performance figures under low load conditions due to fixed power items such as pumps and motors. Workspace Technology’s Freecool® evap cooling system performs well and maintains industry leading PUE figures under low load conditions.

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