Core Data Centre Modules

Direct Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling

Direct Freecool® Evaporative Free Air Cooling

Award-winning technology that offers significant energy savings when compared to traditional cooling systems.

Unlike conventional monolithic ‘packaged’ direct/indirect fresh air cooling solutions, Freecool® Evaporative Air Conditioner Systems by Workspace Technology delivers a truly flexible architecture. Freecool® offers standardised ‘modules’ that can be configured to create a bespoke cooling solution addressing individual client demands.

With 30kW, 60kW, 90kW and 120kW evaporative air conditioner modules, Freecool® is designed to support a wide range (<30kW to >1MW) of data centre capacities.

Freecool® Core System Modules

Evaporative Cooler The Freecool® Evaporative Air Conditioner module is designed to pre-cool intake air during warmer ambient conditions.

The Evaporative Air Conditioner works on the simple principle of evaporative heat exchange. This process takes advantage of ‘free’ latent heat which is generated as a result of water evaporation.

The Freecool® Evaporative Air Conditioner is fitted with CELdek® filter pads which help minimise water consumption by re-circulating water through the pump and automated drainage systems.

Workspace Technology in partnership with EcoCooling the UK’s leading Manufacturer of Evaporative Cooling technology offers a range of products to suit a variety of installation environments.

Workspace Technology’s team design optimal solutions combining Evaporative Cooling units with Air Movement, Mixing Box, Air Distribution and Control modules to create bespoke client solutions.

Air Movement - Freecool® Air Movement module is based on industry leading EC fans which consume significantly less energy than conventional fan technology.

Freecool® Evaporative Air Conditioner systems are designed with a combination of intake and exit air fans supporting N or N+1 system configurations.

Fan speeds are individually modulated via the Freecool® Crouzet controller matching cooling demands and maximising system performance.

Mixing Box - Mixing Box modules support the Freecool® Intelligent Atemperation™ mode which is designed to blend hot exit air with cold intake air to produce ‘controllable’ equipment inlet temperatures irrespective of external ambient conditions.

The Mixing Box module is configured with volume control air dampers (VCD) modulated via the Freecool® Evaporative Air Conditioner control system.

Air Distribution - The Freecool® Air Distribution module interconnects core sub modules to channel Hot and Cold air streams within the data centre space.
Freecool® Air Distribution module consists of bespoke arrangements to support site specific air flow requirements.

Air Distribution is created through a combination of ductwork, composite wall systems, floor and ceiling voids and aisle containment technology.

Control - Central to the operation of Freecool® Evaporative Air Conditioner is the Crouzet Control module manufactured by Schneider Electric is implemented with system sensors and site signal wiring.

The Control module sits at the heart of the Freecool® technology, configured to provide environmental control through the intelligent control of dampers and exit and intake air fans.

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