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Core Data Centre Modules

Unlike conventional monolithic ‘packaged’ direct/indirect fresh air cooling solutions, Freecool® Evaporative Air Conditioner Systems by Workspace Technology delivers a truly flexible architecture. Freecool® offers standardised ‘modules’ that can be configured to create a bespoke cooling solution addressing individual client demands. With 30kW, 60kW, 90kW and 120kW evaporative air conditioner modules, Freecool® is designed to support a…

Optional Data Centre Modules

Freecool® evap cooler offers a number of configuration options, including mechanical backup or top up cooling as well as indirect cooling through high efficiency heat exchange technology. Cool Wall - The Cool Wall module consists of a series of high efficiency chilled water coils that are typically positioned within the Freecool® Mixing Box. The Cool Wall…

Data Centre Innovations

Workspace Technology has developed its extensive expertise in data centre fresh air based evaporative cooler systems over the past four years. This expertise has positioned Freecool® by Workspace Technology is the evaporative cooler solution of choice by many data centre operators. Freecool® offers data centre managers a range of innovations to help improve performance. Dual Filtration…

Industry Leading PUE

Conventional cooling will require a combination of controls, pumps, fans, motors and compressors depending on the technology. All of these devices require electricity to operate. Workspace Technology’s Freecool® evap cooling system simply requires fans to control the flow of air through the data centre. The Freecool® evap cooling system uses EC fans instead of traditional A/C…