Cooling & Airflow Systems

Perimeter, InRow, Rear Door Coolers, Freecool & Aisle Containment Systems.

Schneider Electric InRow Infrastructure

The InRow Cooling Chilled Water and DX product design closely couples the cooling with the IT heat load. This design prevents hot air recirculation, while improving cooling.




Schneider Electric General Cooling Systems Brochure

Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for virtually any cooling need in critical IT environments, from network closets and server rooms to data centres of all sizes.




Excool Brochure

Excool Delivers indirect Adiabatic Free Air Cooling for exceptional data centre PUE performance. This brochure provides an overview of this innovative technology.




Freecool Solutions Brochures

Freecool Evaporative Free Air Cooling is a low cost, low carbon alternative to traditional cooling solutions providing High Performance Free Cooling Technology across all market sectors.




FlexAisle Brochure

FlexAisle provides a simple and cost effective passive method for eliminating the mixing of hot and cold airflows within a Data Centre or Server Room.