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19″ Equipment Racks & Accessories



Structured Cabling, Equipment Racks & Accessories, Security Systems and Related Data Centre Technical Infrastructure

Workspace Technology offers Schneider Electric NetShelter 19” equipment racks, open frame racks, and related products to provide a complete solution to meet the challenges facing server and networking applications across a wide range of data centre environments.

NetShelter enclosures offer the most standard features to facilitate installation and speed of deployment, integrating seamlessly with the full line of Schneider Electric InfraStruXure components. 19” Equipment Rack PDUs designed for NetShelter enclosures, enable superior control and monitoring of rack-level power. A range of rack accessories provide excellent cable management capabilities for high density networking, server and blade applications.

Netshelter SX 19” Equipment Racks - The NetShelter SX is the base building block of the InfraStruXure system. NetShelter SX has many inherent features that facilitate a faster installation and reduce handling after installation, lowering your installation and operating costs. With guaranteed compatibility with all EIA standard 19 in. rack-mount equipment the NetShelter integrates seamlessly with the full range of InfraStruXure components.

Netshelter SV 19” Equipment Racks - Workspace Technology also offers the Netshelter SV universal I.T enclosures with features and functionality to meet the fundamental requirements and applications of rack-mount I.T equipment in variety of IT environments.

NetShelter SV features include cable access through roof and rack bottom, large openings for cables to pass through, adjustable vertical mounting rails and lockable doors and side panels.

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