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Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

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Organisations struggling with the complexities of availability, server consolidation, virtualisation and energy management are increasingly looking for more intelligent physical infrastructure data centre management systems. Traditional enterprise management, building management systems and network management systems do not address the physical infrastructure supporting IT assets.

Workspace Technology brings clients proactive data centre infrastructure management through APC by Schneider Electric StruxureWare Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Software, which shares a centralised database, enabling design, real-time monitoring, inventory management and planning through predictive simulation.

APC’s StruxureWare DCIM Management Software’s end-to-end management approach allows data centres to run more smoothly on a daily basis. Its built-in business tools enable planning and budget management providing accurate control of capital, operational and energy use costs.

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Data Centre Infrastructure Management – DCIM Software Modules

StruxureWare Data Centre Operations – Provides Data Centre Asset management and documentation of data centre operations through inventory management. StruxureWare Operations enables vendor neutral inventory management with real-time device monitoring as well as recommendations on how to resolve issues. A location based drill-down view provides a structured overview of data centre locations, from a global to local view down to single assets. Additional features include PUE calculator and real-time device alarms.

StruxureWare Data Centre Capacity - Data Centre Simulation, planning, and optimisation of infrastructure capacities to right-size the data centre. StruxureWare Capacity predicts the optimal location for physical infrastructure and rack mounted IT equipment based on the availability and requirements of physical infrastructure capacity; and user defined requirements such as redundancy, network and business use grouping. It reduces stranded capacity through optimised use of the physical infrastructure and avoids unplanned downtime.

StruxureWare Data Centre Change - Fully integrated workflow management for your IT physical infrastructure. StruxureWare Change enables operators to gain control over the data centre environment by implementing organised moves, adds, and change work processes, significantly reducing the risk for inadvertent downtime. With its automated workflow system, operators can assign work orders, reserve space, track status, and extract an audit trail for complete visibility and history into the change lifecycle.

StruxureWare Data Centre Mobile - StruxureWare Mobile, based on Motorola (Symbol) MC70 hardware, provides you with your data centre inventory while on the data centre floor. The integrated barcode scanner makes light work of implementing work orders and identifying equipment. Using your wireless network, StruxureWare Mobile automatically synchronises server locations, ensuring data integrity, removing human error and improving operational efficiency.

StruxureWare Data Centre Energy Cost - The StruxureWare Energy Cost module provides an Energy Usage Report, which shows energy consumed within the data centre by the kWh and cost per kWh, detailed to the rack level. The energy usage is based on metered data, gathered over a specified period of time. The Energy Usage Report provides the option of including an overhead factor accounting for energy losses through Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

StruxureWare Data Centre Energy Efficiency - StruxureWare Energy Efficiency provides current and historical Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) values, enabling a fact-based understanding of how much power is devoted to driving the installed IT equipment compared with the total facility consumption. It provides a detailed insight into how effectively energy is utilised down to subsystem level, as well as an understanding of how to improve energy efficiency.

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