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VESDA® by Xtralis Systems

Workspace Technology also provides VESDA® by Xtralis systems for enhanced data centre protection through the use of laser sampling technology. VESDA® by Xtralis are also known as Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) alarms support alarm sensitivity range which means that it detects fire as the earliest possible stage and reliably measures very low to extremely high concentrations…

Fire Suppression Room Sealing Services

Successful extinguishment of a fire by a gaseous extinguishing system depends upon the maintenance of the extinguishing concentration for a specified period after discharge. Excessive leakage of extinguishant may result in reignition. Inadequate room sealing is the predominant cause of failure of gaseous extinguishing systems. It is also found that room integrity performance reduces with time,…

Room Integrity Testing Services

Under International Standard No 14520 it is a requirement that a room Integrity Test is carried out at the time of the fire suppression installation. It is also a recommendation that a room Integrity Test is carried out on an annual basis as part of the routine maintenance schedule. This test is designed to ensure that…