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ColdLogik Rear Door Heat Exchanger

Where high density cooling is required for server racks, Rear Rack Cooling or Rear Door Heat Exchanger technology provides an ideal solution. Workspace Technology designs and integrates Usystem's industry leading ColdLogik high density cooling Rear Door Heat Exchanger technology. Ambient air is drawn through an impressive 80% air efficient AirTech Plus door. Six Hot swap/N+1 fans…

APC InRow InfraStruXure Precision Cooling Systems

Workspace Technology provides APC InRow InfraStruXure computer room air conditioning as part of its comprehensive server room and data centre infrastructure services. Based on the principle of moving the cooling unit closer to the source of heat generation, InRow computer room air conditioning technology by APC provides energy efficient cooling for server room, computer room and…

Aisle Containment & Airflow Management

As part of an overall cooling strategy it is important to ensure effective airflow is maintained to ensure maximum cooling efficiency. Cold-air should be delivered directly to the front of equipment racks with hot-air returning directly to the air handling unit minimising any potential short cycling. Workspace Technology's Design Engineers will assess individual data centre requirements…