Thermal Imaging

To complement our data centre planned preventative maintenance services Workspace Technology provides an Airflow & Thermal Imaging Surveys.

Workspace Technology’s enhanced Airflow and Thermal Imaging Survey includes;

  • Room assessment and creation of data centre layout plan.
  • Thermal imaging photos of aisles and photographic images of individual equipment racks.
  • Air velocity pressure survey (airflow through each 600×600 vented floor tile).
  • Temperature and humidity check at low, medium and high levels on each equipment rack.
  • Flow & return temperature and humidity check on the air conditioning units.
  • Findings and recommendations report.

Thermal Imaging

Many data centre environments today are very high density; thermal imaging can identify problems before they become critical. The use of thermal photography of racks and aisles will help identify problems including hot spots, recirculation and hot and cold air mixing.

Air Velocity Pressure Survey

An understanding of air velocity will enable accurate identification of actual cold air flow rates within the cold aisles and its associated capacity throughout the room. The survey includes a full airflow meter reading of each vented floor tile, enabling mapping of the exact areas of air distribution in the data centre.

Temperature and Humidity Check

Workspace Technology will undertake a survey of a low, medium, and high-level temperature and humidity readings for each equipment rack. Workspace Technology will also undertake a flow and return temperature and humidity check on the Air Conditioning air handling units.

A detailed report will be generated which will provide;

  • Assessment of the balance of air pressures and velocities from the floor plenum and observations drawn from these readings to show air starved areas.
  • Thermal images showing possible heating issues in the room. Hot spots are easily identifiable giving a clear indication of poorly cooled areas.
  • Recommendations to improve the efficiency of existing active kit through relocation.
  • Clear advice on the optimum location for additional servers.

Benefits of Airflow and Thermal Imaging Survey

  • Knowledge of where the air is being delivered in the data room will help maximise the efficiency of future installations.
  • A baseline on the current airflow and how effective the current cooling is within the existing environment will help show how aisle containment and airflow management could improve the AC system efficiency, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.