Audit Services

Our Audit Services are designed to provide a comprehensive review of your existing facility. This review is designed to help identify both good and bad practice, help clients protect against the risk of downtime and to improve data centre performance.

Data Centre environments house critical processes that must remain operational. Without these critical processes, there would be a significant impact on the success of the company. It is important to remember that it is often significantly less expensive to invest in mitigating a risk of downtime, than to recover from the event after it occurs.

Our audits are intended to provide a comprehensive review of the existing data centre or server room facility. They are designed to help identify both good and bad practice and help clients reduce the risk of downtime. Audits include;

  • Data Centre Optimisation
  • Energy Optimisation
  • Electrical Thermal Imaging
  • Power Quality
  • PUE Assessment
  • Airflow & Thermal Imaging

Recommendations and guidance outlined within the Data Centre Audit service are produced in-line with the following standards:

  • European Commissions Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency “Best Practices” Guide.
  • TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centres
  • Green Grid Recommendations
  • ASHREA Standards
  • Uptime Institute Recommendations

Our Data Centre Audit Services help clients to increase reliability, reduce human error and reduce total cost of ownership through reduced capital, operating and energy costs.

If your data centre is overdue for an audit simply get in touch to find out how we can help.