With an enviable wealth of experience in the designing, building and managing of mission critical data centre infrastructure, Workspace Technology is qualified to offer knowledgeable expert advice on all aspects of data centre design and operation. Our Consult services provide a range of survey and audit services specifically focused on the optimisation of your data centre assets.

Workspace Technology’s range of data centre Consult services can be provided as part of a comprehensive mission critical facilities service package or alternatively as a one-off service offering.

Audit service

Designed to provide a comprehensive review of the existing facility. Our Data Centre Audit is designed to help identify both good and bad practice, help clients protect against the risk of downtime and to improve data centre performance.

Power Quality Survey & Analysis

Our Power Quality Survey & Analysis provides clients with a clearly laid out summary of load, power factor and harmonic data finding. By implementing the recommendations, it will reduce energy bills, prolong life and prevent premature failure of equipment.

PUE Assessment

We recommend an annual PUE assessment where there is no fixed metering or measurement technology is in place. It will enable I.T and data centre managers to accurately benchmark the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE) and usage of the server room environment through direct analysis of power and energy consumption.

Thermal Imaging

Our detailed Thermal Imaging survey will help identify unseen faults on electrical systems which can cause expensive business downtime, damage, loss of data or risk from fire.

Airflow and Thermal Imaging Survey

Many data centre environments today are very high ‘density’ thermal imaging can identify problems before they become critical. The use of thermal photography of racks and aisles will help identify problems including hot spots, recirculation and hot & cold air mixing.

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