Our technical services incorporate structured cabling, equipment racks & accessories, communications and related services that are required within data centre, communications and server room environments.

Structured Cabling

As data centre experts Workspace Technology is uniquely positioned to provide structured cabling systems. We design scalable data centre cabling infrastructure to support flexible connectivity, future growth and potentially new technologies, providing data centre performance, density and manageability, without compromise.

Workspace Technology is a certified cable installer for several leading cable brands and we support a range of Cat6A (10Gig), Cat6 and fibre optical solutions fully compliant with TIA-942 recommended data centre installation practices.


In-line with the availability and agility demands of NCPI, Workspace Technology will install dedicated wire ways to support a flexible deployment of both power and I.T/Control wiring systems in a tidy and manageable fashion. Typically, a “grid” based design will deliver the flexibility to support current and future cable deployments. Options include for underfloor, overhead and a combination of both, providing maximum accessibility, whilst minimising impact on air circulation.

Equipment Racks & Accessories

Workspace Technology offers a wide choice of high quality enterprise class equipment racks and PDUs from a range of manufacturers including APC by Schneider Electric.

Racks & Enclosure – Schneider Electric NetShelter enclosures, open frame racks, and related products provide a complete solution to meet the challenges facing server and networking applications across many environments. A range of rack accessories provide excellent cable management capabilities for high density networking, server and blade applications.

Rack PDUs – Whether deploying rack power distribution in a wiring closet, server room or data centre, Workspace Technology supports a variety of power density applications up to 22 kW per PDU.

We offer Schneider Electric’s industry leading range of Rack PDU’s which include:

  • Basic Rack PDU — Entry-level power distribution for rack-mount equipment
  • Metered Rack PDU — Advanced power distribution provides real-time remote monitoring of connected loads
  • Switched Rack PDU — Premium power distribution allows remote control of individual outlets and monitoring of aggregate current consumption
  • Metered-by-Outlet with Switching — Provides real-time remote monitoring of each individual outlet and on/off outlet control
    Security & Access Control

Security & Access Control

Physical security is an integral part of data centre Infrastructure because it plays a direct role in maximising system availability. It does this by reducing downtime from accidents or sabotage due to the possibility of unnecessary persons (or those with malicious intent) gaining access.

Workspace Technology offers clients with options based on ‘what you have’, ‘what you know’, and ‘who you are’. Systems range from a simple lock and key to computer activated proximity card controllers and pin code devices. Combined with IP Camera monitoring, a flexible approach can be designed to support client demands.

Network Technology

Bandwidth demand from client centric computer systems leads to Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure designs based on high performance, Layer 3 Ethernet switched equipment. Workspace Technology’s experienced consultants apply knowledge and best practice to help develop advice and execute robust network designs.