Management & Control

The ability to alert a business to disasters or potential performance issues at the earliest moment is paramount. If a business can prevent a disaster or the occurrence of ‘over capacity’, it can safeguard against associated disruptions such as waiting for replacement systems or relocating staff to a recovery centre. The management and monitoring of systems is therefore essential to insuring continued availability and performance during the lifecycle of any critical data centre or server room environment.

Our structured approach to management and monitoring solutions is based on a tiered architecture. This architecture enables us to scale our solutions to meet the demands of small communications rooms, server rooms through to large scale data centre deployments.

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Level 5 - DCIM Suite A range of applications designed to manage all aspects of a data centre infrastructure
Level 4 - Enterprise Management Centralises device monitoring and control, and provides asset management services
Level 3 - IP Network Supports the information delivery mechanism
Level 2 - Device Management Includes equipment SNMP/Modbus cards, Intelligent PDUs and Environmental and Power Management Concentrators designed to gather information for none intelligent (Level 1) sensors and probes
Level 1 - Sensors & Probes Gathers environmental, physical and power related information

Workspace Technology deploys APC by Schneider Electric’s award-winning range of Netbotz, StructureWare Data Centre Expert, and StruxtureWare DCIM products. Additionally, 'EcoMeasure' Data Centre Energy Management Service is also offered which is a scalable Data Centre Energy Management & Efficiency Management Service based on APC leading Power Monitoring Expert (PME) technology.