Fire Suppression

Today’s server rooms and data centres, more than ever, are under enormous pressure to maintain operations. Some companies risk losing millions of pounds with one single data centre glitch. Therefore, it’s not hard to believe that in the event of a catastrophic data centre fire, a company may not only lose millions but may also go out of business.

Fire protection provides essential security against fire. Simply put, if an environment is incapable of breeding a fire then there will be no threat of fire damage to the facility. In a Network Critical Physical Infrastructure, the main goal of fire protection system is to get the fire under control without disrupting the flow of business and without threatening the personnel inside.

The purpose of a Fire Protection System is to:

  • Identify the presence of a fire
  • Communicate the existence of the fire to occupants and authorities
  • Contain and extinguish the fire

Workspace Technology offers design and installation of detection measures and a range of Zero Ozone Depletion gaseous agents to. Agent selection is typically based on budgets, room volume and available space.

Fire Suppression Options

Gaseous Agent Atmospheric Lifetime Ozone Depletion Potential Global Warming Potential (100 Years)
HFC-227ea (FM200) 34.2 Years 0 3220
Novec 1230 5 Days 0 1
IG-55 ProInert 0 0 0

Atmospheric Lifetime (AL) — The time a substance will remain in the atmosphere before it breaks down.

Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) — A substance’s capability to destroy ozone, known as its ozone depletion potential (ODP), is expressed relative to CFC-11 (Chloride, fluoride, Carbon mix banned in the late 70’s)

Global Warming Potential (GWP) — Is the measure of how much a greenhouse gas contributes to global warming. This signifies the capability of a gas to trap heat within the atmosphere based upon, its capability of absorbing infrared radiation, it lifetime in the atmosphere and what wavelengths of infrared radiation it absorbs.

Room integrity tests are undertaken as part of system commissioning to ensure accurate room percentage gas volumes and ensures that the fabric of the room can retain protective gases to ensure effective extinguishing.

Workspace Technology provides a complete turnkey solution. We will undertake all electrical, room sealing and builders works as part of any fire suppression deployment to ensure that the system will pass the room integrity tests. We also offer Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) systems with enhanced protection though the use of laser sampling which recognises early signs of possible combustion long before any fire suppression system would be activated.