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Prefab Data Centre – Cost Effective, Fast Deployment, & Complete Flexibility

25th, May 2018

A data centre build project can be a daunting task, identifying a suitable building that; provides future proofing, is of the right size, with the right connectivity, the right amount of power and in the right location, isn’t going to be easy and will likely result in compromise, high upfront costs, and a long wait before your infrastructure is up and running.

The solution comes in the form of a pre-fabricated data centre. Offering complete flexibility, the concept delivers a scalable approach to data centre planning and design, as well as eliminating the need for traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ buildings.

The construction of a traditional data centre requires space and accessibility for vehicles and equipment to be delivered and for the works to be undertaken in a safe and controlled environment. This is not always possible. Fortunately, prefabricated pods can be delivered to site pre-engineered ensuring that there is minimal impact on your business’s operations. This specialist scalable approach also reduces data centre deployment from years and months to weeks, providing a pay-as-you-grow infrastructure to match your compute deployment.

Pre-Fabs can provide organisations with a portable data centre for use in remote and rugged locations, perfect for the defence and emergency services sectors. They may resemble an industrial shipping container, but they typically are delivered complete with network connections, servers, power, monitoring units, fire suppression, cooling and security – inside you will find everything you would expect to find in a modern data centre.

This portable data centre concept allows for scalable growth of your IT infrastructure with the flexibility to adjust the design and size of future phases of deployment. Each prefab module may be required for a specific resource i.e. just power, cooling or IT space.

A pre-fabricated data centre not only eliminates accessibility and scalability concerns, your business will also save money by optimising available space and lower installation costs. In fact, typically, a Modular Data Centre solution will reduce your capital expenditure by over 40%. Over a ten-year period, the cost can be from as little as £160 per rack per month excluding power and maintenance costs.

The assembly takes place in a factory-controlled environment enabling more control over fit, finish and quality of workmanship allowing for thorough testing and optimisation prior to delivery.

The agility of the prefabricated data centre allows them to be placed within an existing host building providing additional security and anonymity.

A pre-fabricated on-premise data centre will enable you to have more control over your IT operations as well as reduce latency and the ability to rapidly add capacity when required, all within a secure and self-contained data centre environment.  Is it time to consider your options when it comes to your data centre requirements?

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