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  • 24/7 Mission Critical Power

    We specialise in the design of 27/4 mission critical power solutions providing switchgear, power distribution, generator sets, UPS systems and any associated construction works


  • Manufacturing Partner

    Technical Excellence

    Our Power Generation systems are supplied by one of the world’s leading manufactures.


  • System Options

    Our ancillary equipment ranges from specialised fuel, sound attenuation, silencer and starter systems to mobile generator set trailer solutions.


  • Modular Power Pod

    Pre-Engineered Solutions

    Our Modular Power Pod delivers a pre-engineered turnkey power solution, with minimal impact on existing plant room and facilities.


  • Generator Hire

    Workspace Technology – Power Generation division offers generator hire services on a range of silenced, soundproof diesel generators from 20kVA to 1250kVA.


  • Active Power

    Continuous Power Solutions

    Workspace Technology are the UK’s leading Active Power integration partner.


  • Consultant Toolkits

    This section provides a range of engineering drawings and product datasheets to assist consultants with system specification.


System Options: Power Customisation

Power Generation services deliver continuous and predictable power availability for mission-critical environments.

Designed specifically to work with our generator sets, our ancillary equipment ranges from specialised fuel, sound attenuation, silencer and starter systems to mobile generator set trailer solutions.

Generator Noise Control

system-options-imageWorkspace Technology’s range of enclosures and containerised units are suitable for all market sectors, including residential applications.

In addition to our standard acoustic enclosures and ISO containers, we offer custom design and manufacture silenced and super-silenced containers. Our Power Generation engineers will be pleased to advise on requirements for bespoke containers, canopies and acoustic treatment of plant rooms.

Fuel Systems

system-options-fuel-systemsA range of specialised fuel systems including day fuel tanks, bulk fuel tanks, fuel transfer pumps and associated control systems are available. Workspace Technology design and install all components for fuel systems, including, fuel-water separators, pumps, tanks level sensing equipment, dump valves, fuel polishing systems and fire protection products to assure both product quality and installation performance.

Fuel System Features

  • Pressure tested plate steel construction
  • Corrosive resistant tank & fittings
  • Mechanical fuel level monitoring
  • Outer tank/bund, leak detection
  • Building management system integration
  • Remote warning & monitoring options
  • Fire safety systems, including fuel dumping
  • DEFRA compliance
  • Built to the British Standard for fuel storage

High and low level monitoring is included as standard providing an early warning alarm for events which include low fuel level, fuel tanker overfill and excess ingress of fluid to the bund area. Workspace Technology fully integrate all alarms with Data Centre or Building Management Systems delivering up to the second monitoring.


system-options-controlControl is crucial to provide optimum performance and effective operation of the Power Generation system. Workspace Technology’s Power Generation team provide safe, easy-to-use control with a range of digital, key start, and synchronising panel systems configured with optional remote communications.

system-options-panelsDigital Control Panels allow you to monitor and control your generator set with ease, providing important diagnostic information whilst ensuring your unit operates within safe parameters combining an easy to use menu navigation combined with advanced protection and metering technology. Our range of panels is used in automatic mains failure applications in conjunction with automatic transfer panels.

Key Start

systems are equipped with all the necessary generator set instrumentation and protection devices, whilst providing the straightforward functionality and reliability of a key-start panel.

Synchronization Panels

allow generator set-to-set control for parallel and load sharing applications. The unit is compact and easy to use whilst providing all essential protection, control and monitoring

Additional Options

  • Starting systems — Duplex, air and hydraulic and specialised DC batteries
  • Catalytic exhaust filter, soot filter and exhaust after treatment
  • Fuel filtration, storage and transfer systems and associated control systems
  • Fire detection, protection and suppression systems
  • Spring and captive rubber Anti-vibration mounts (AVM) to suit low noise and mobile generator set applications
  • Mobile generator set trailer solutions

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