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  • 24/7 Mission Critical Power

    We specialise in the design of 27/4 mission critical power solutions providing switchgear, power distribution, generator sets, UPS systems and any associated construction works


  • Manufacturing Partner

    Technical Excellence

    Our Power Generation systems are supplied by one of the world’s leading manufactures.


  • System Options

    Our ancillary equipment ranges from specialised fuel, sound attenuation, silencer and starter systems to mobile generator set trailer solutions.


  • Modular Power Pod

    Pre-Engineered Solutions

    Our Modular Power Pod delivers a pre-engineered turnkey power solution, with minimal impact on existing plant room and facilities.


  • Generator Hire

    Workspace Technology – Power Generation division offers generator hire services on a range of silenced, soundproof diesel generators from 20kVA to 1250kVA.


  • Active Power

    Continuous Power Solutions

    Workspace Technology are the UK’s leading Active Power integration partner.


  • Consultant Toolkits

    This section provides a range of engineering drawings and product datasheets to assist consultants with system specification.


Mission Critical Power Generation Systems

Power Generation services deliver continuous and predictable power availability for mission-critical environments.

To support mission critical environments including military, blue light services, hospitals, online banking and data centre environments Workspace Technology Power Generation team deliver industry leading Generator systems.

Mission critical power failures can equate to the loss of millions of pounds per hour or may put lives at risk. A reliable power supply is therefore crucial for Mission Critical Power availability.
During normal operation the utility mains will supply the critical load via the UPS. The UPS system is designed to protect the mission critical load from disturbances and breaks. However to support extended periods of mains power failure generator systems must be installed.

Generator Selection

image136Standby generator sets should be carefully matched to ensure reliable operation.  Issues that must be considered include :

  • Mechanical Services Start Up Currents
  • UPS Recharge Currents
  • Total Load
  • Prime Rating / Standby Rating of Generator Engine / Alternator

Incorrect configuration and application of the mission critical load will lead to generator failure by causing the inertia of rotating parts to slow down until the engine effectively stalls.

Workspace Technology engineers will overcome any potential issues by ensuring that the generator is fitted with a high quality electronic governor that allows the generator to operate within tight frequency tolerances.

We will also ensure a full soft start scheme is designed and implemented which will balance the need to maintain cooling against the requirement for a steady ramp up of load. This will be achieved through time delay circuits on mechanical systems and walk in / inhibit functions that are typically available on UPS systems.

Service & Support

Workspace Technology is committed to service excellence and will support your generator throughout its lifetime.

To ensure your Power Generation system is operating at peak performance whilst eliminating the risk, cost, disruption and loss of revenue caused by unscheduled downtime Workspace Technology offers regular planned preventative maintenance programmes backed up with emergency callout for unplanned failures. Our Power Generation post installation services guarantee the protection of your investment with excellent service via our authorized technical service partners located strategically throughout the UK.

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