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Now’s the Time to Ensure Your Mission Critical Power is Protected

23rd, September 2013

The press has recently highlighted that Britain could face a return within 18 months to 70s-style power rationing to prevent blackouts.  The energy companies have partly created this threat of electricity disruption by using too much coal too quickly and mothballing their gas-fired power stations.

Following the annual assessment by energy regulator Ofgem last year it warned that the gap between supply and demand could be as low as 4% by 2015. Now it estimates that gap is down to just 2%!

The risk of power blackouts has now increased from one every 12 years to just one in four years.

An increase in demand as the country’s economy picks up could quickly erode this 2% margin. Unless British homes and businesses do a lot more to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their demand, your power supply will be at risk.

Workspace Technology can provide a range of power continuity solutions to ensure your business is not being held to ransom by utility companies. Workspace Technology will be happy to undertake a power survey and to make recommendations to help plan for power continuity services.

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