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Mobile & Modular Data Centre Design

26th, November 2010

Workspace Technology has developed its existing Mobile Data Centre (MDC) containerised solution, originally launched in 2008, to create the fundamental building block for large scale modular data centre deployments.

This modular approach to data centres eliminates the need to build traditional “bricks and mortar” buildings, significantly increasing the speed of deployment whilst reducing capital investment. A Modular Data Centre solution can be deployed within a campus, an open space or within warehousing style facilities.

Workspace Technology’s Modular Data Centre approach enables MDC pods to be pre-engineered, tested and commissioned ready to position on site.

Containerised data centre solutions offered by a number of global I.T players including Sun and HP, are based on standard 2.4m width containers. The limited width of these containerised data centres means that there is restrictive and awkward front and rear access to equipment. Workspace Technology’s Modular Data Centre platform can be built with widths starting from 3.5m, providing excellent access for single aisle rack deployments.

Workspace Technology has successfully implemented Modular Data Centre solutions for global retail and engineering companies within Europe.

Our Modular Data Centre system is designed specifically to support a range of low, medium and high density rack applications. Typical Modular Data Centre pods can support 10 to 12 racks with densities of 5Kw to 25Kw. These can be extended in size if true mobility is not a client design requirement.

"Workspace Technology offers a number of cooling technology options including rear rack and evaporative free air cooling. The deployment of the FreeCool evaporative cooling solution reduces installation cost and helps to reduce power emissions", explained Roy Griffiths, Technical Director for Workspace Technology.

When combined with evaporative free cooling, Workspace Technology’s Modular Data Centre pods can deliver Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings of 1.2 to 1.1. Significantly exceeding current industry average expectations of 2.6.

Workspace Technology’s EcoMeasure energy measurement technology is installed as standard within all of its Modular Data Centre pods. Based on Schneider Electric’s industry leading PM750 meters and PowerLogic Energy monitoring software Workspace Technology’s EcoMeasure provides accurate 24×365 PUE measurement inline with Green Grid measurement recommendations.

The Modular Data Centre can be built to either Tier 2 or Tier 3 data centre design standards, depending on client specification and availability requirements.

Workspace Technology’s Modular Data Centre solution creates a true 'pay-as-you-grow model for large data centre infrastructures. The Modular Data Centre helps global companies manage data centre infrastructure costs inline with growth.

The Modular Data Centre MDC solution is a truly scalable solution which enables both SME and Large Corporate clients to benefit from its design advantages.

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