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Microfloor600 Right Choice for Developers

29th, January 2013

MicroFloor 600® by Workspace Technology once again proves to be the right choice for developers.

  • MicroFloor 600® is a versatile high performance, economic raised access flooring system that delivers many significant benefits.
  • MicroFloor 600® will reduce capital cost by a typical 20% when compared to comparable traditional Raised Access Floor Systems.
  • MicroFloor 600® provides high load strength and longevity unlike many other ‘economically’ priced Raised Access Floor Systems that offer a compromised specification.
  • MicroFloor 600® is a full access system unlike other lower priced systems that require fastening down to maintain integrity.
  • MicroFloor 600® provides a cost effective solution for the provision of raised full access acoustic flooring.
  • MicroFloor 600® can be installed as low as 40 mm FFH, whilst not compromising on tile thickness.
  • MicroFloor 600® is used for both new and retrofit works.
  • MicroFloor 600® does not require earthing.
  • MicroFloor 600® is used across multiple end user applications, including:-
    • Retail & Leisure
    • Commercial
    • Residential
  • MicroFloor 600® is the preferred choice of many market leading specialist construction companies and developers.

MicroFloor 600® is a registered trademark of Workspace Technology which is focused on providing a range of commercial interior renovation and construction works including, partitions, false ceilings, raised access flooring systems, joinery, finishes and mezzanine structures for:

  • Data Centres
  • Commercial Offices
  • Light Industrial Environments

With recent success at multiple new and re-fit construction projects MicroFloor 600 is becoming recognised by many developers and main contractors as a realistic and competitive alternative to standard RAF offering.

For further information on Workspace Technology’s Raised Access Floor Solutions please contact us or call 0121 354 8494.

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