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MicroFloor 600® Provides Cost Effective Raised Access Floors Without Compromise

11th, April 2016

The raised access flooring market is invariably a very competitive market, very often Clients, Architects or Main Contractors may opt to remove the raised access floor systems from a design in order to make project savings. The removal of a raised access will however very often increase overall building costs as this will increase the complexity and expense of the associated installation of mechanical, electrical and IT services.

MicroFloor 600® offers Clients, Main Contractors and Architects a cost effective and functional alternative secondary flooring system providing a fully accessible load bearing surface, suitable for new build and refurbishment projects. Typically, the MicroFloor 600® system offers a 25% to 30% saving when compared with conventional metal clad flooring systems. MicroFloor 600® has been installed successfully in a wide range of sectors including retail, leisure, commercial and residential projects throughout the UK and Europe.

How Does the System Work?
The MicroFloor 600® system consists of block pedestals which are bonded to the substrate with epoxy resin adhesive. Depending on the intended use of the building panels they can either be 30mm (light grade) or 38mm (medium grade) and are simply placed between the cap location fins, which assist in the accurate positioning to achieve a modular 600mm grid. Panels can be specified with a range of factory bonded finishes including carpet, vinyl, HPL, ceramic and natural stone, or left bare to receive a site applied finish according to the Architects specification.

MicroFloor 600® Benefits?
As well as helping reduce raised access flooring installation costs by an average of 25% when compared to traditional Raised Access Floor Systems, MicroFloor 600® ensures underfloor services are fully accessible enabling easy maintenance and modifications to electrical, mechanical and IT services throughout the life of the building. Unlike other ‘economically’ priced Raised Access Floor Systems that have a compromised specification Workspace Technology’s MicroFloor 600® provides high load strength and longevity without the need to fasten down to maintain integrity.

MicroFloor 600® is one of our most popular products with an installed base of several £million across the UK. When cost is an issue MicroFloor 600® offers an excellent alternative enabling clients to avoid compromises at construction stage.

For more information on Workspace Technology’s Commercial Flooring Solutions please contact or call 0121 354 4894.

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