Modern manufacturing facilities are becoming more automated; the use of self-learning machines, robotics and automated plant are driving new levels of efficiency and productivity. This digitally connected machinery requires local or 'edge' compute to not only, administer and co-ordinate production equipment, but also to manage the mass of data produced.

The power of the data produced is significant as it can be used to further increase commercial efficiencies; allowing better forecasting of demand improvements to new production plant and the goods it produces and decreasing the energy used within the manufacturing process just a few beneficial outputs of analysis of the data produced.

Housing the Compute System used to run factories within the production area is critical to ensure availability and reduce machine-to-machine latency.

The industrial and factory setting is not however the friendliest environment for running sensitive production compute and storage equipment and will need to be housed in 'ruggedized' purpose built Micro Data Centre enclosures that provide the necessary security, monitoring, power, cooling and fire protection.

Workspace Technology provides a range of robust Mission Critical Enclosures that can be located within the manufacturing facility or outside of it.

Pre-fabricated systems include the use of CPNI accredited enclosures providing SR4-5 security levels, that are also waterproof, heatproof and fire proof, for single rack applications we offer Schneider Electric's SmartBunker Systems.

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