Data Centre Consultancy

  • With significant experience in this complex field, we understand the technical & commercial risks involved with data centre projects
  • This is why we have developed a unique, 360 Pentagon approach that enables us to create fool-proof, reliable strategies that align exactly with your business goals
  • What data centre consultancy services do we offer at Workspace Technology?

Data Centre Consultancy From Workspace TechnologyAt Workspace Technology, we understand the technical and commercial risks involved with Data Centre projects. Our unique, 360 Pentagon approach combines strategy and business case development with the key disciplines of IT, Critical Data Centre Systems, Engineering Infrastructure, Security and data centre operational excellence.

With over 18 years of experience in this complex field, Workspace Technology will act as trusted expert advisers, providing our clients with contemporary and innovative thinking and a safe pair of hands for their Data Centre infrastructure.

Data Centre Strategy Advice

Our expert data centre consultants will help you create a robust data centre strategy aligned to your business goals to ensure your data centre facility is agile and adaptable to change.

By listening to our clients and taking the time to understand their current and future I.T requirements and objectives as well as their business objectives, we ensure that the Data Centre strategy will support the business's present and future needs in a cost-efficient fashion.

Data Centre Due Diligence

Workspace Technology Data Centre Consultancy-based audits provide an independent and holistic review of your facility and associated operational procedures, helping uncover any risks and potential compliance issues. With qualified, expert data centre consultants, Workspace Technology can customise any data centre consultancy engagement to align with your individual needs.

Site Selection

We assist our clients with the identification and selection of new Data Centre facilities, using our standardised tools to evaluate facilities, operational components and underlying infrastructure against your expectations and requirements. Supported by our in-depth due diligence performance checks, we ensure your money will be well spent.

Operational Excellence

As, the Data Centre is gradually populated, the need to optimise the operation of the Data Centre infrastructure and improve its energy efficiency is essential from an environmental and financial perspective. Workspace Technology’s data centre consultants will interrogate information systems to monitor, record and analyse operational aspects of the data centre infrastructure and use this information to further improve energy and operational performance.

For more information on our full range of mission-critical consultancy audit and survey services, please contact our sales team on 0121 354 4894 or send us a message.