Data Centre Surveys

Data Centre SurveysWorkspace Technology offers a range of specialist data centre surveys designed to identify unseen problems or faults on electrical systems or cooling and airflow which can result in poor operational performance or cause expensive business downtime, damage, loss of data or risk from fire.

Our range of specialist data centre surveys include:

Electrical Thermal Imaging Survey

As part of our Data Centre Surveys we offer the thermal imaging of electrical systems and equipment which will help identify unseen faults on electrical systems which can cause expensive business downtime, damage, loss of data or risk from fire. The Data Centre Surveys are performed by trained engineers using specialist thermal imaging tools.

Airflow Thermal Imaging Survey

Many data centre environments today are very high ‘density, thermal imaging can identify problems before they become critical. The use of thermal photography of racks and aisles will help identify problems including hot spots, recirculation and hot & cold air mixing.

The Airflow Thermal Imaging Data Centre Survey enables managers to identify problems with cooling capacity and airflow efficiency. The survey includes the following:-

  • Room assessment and layout plan.
  • Thermal imaging photos of each aisle and photographic images of each cabinet.
  • Air velocity pressure survey (airflow through each 600×600 vented floor tile).
  • Temperature and humidity check at low, medium and high levels on each aisle.
  • Flow & return temperature and humidity check on the air conditioning units.

Power Quality Survey & Analysis

Our Power Quality Survey & Analysis provides clients with a clearly laid out summary of load, power factor and harmonic data finding. By implementing the recommendations, it will reduce energy bills, prolong life and prevent premature failure of equipment.

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