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Legionnaires’ Disease: A Real Killer!

1st, March 2019

When did you last have your Evaporative Cooling equipment serviced? It may be working fine, but some things can’t always be seen by the naked eye.

Operationally your air-conditioning unit is fine ensuring that your data centre is maintained at the correct temperature, but unfortunately you could be putting your staff and customers at risk without even knowing.

In full accordance with ACOP L8 for the prevention of Legionnaires Disease the certification will only remain valid if the Evaporative Cooling System continues to comply with the following key areas;

• Avoidance of stagnant water
• Continues to use low water operation temperature
• Avoids corrosion and scaling and is regularly cleaned
• Continues to prevent the production of aerosols (spray)
• Has been regularly inspected and correctly maintained by a qualified agent.

Failure to regularly inspect and maintain the installation will result in the invalidation of the ACOP L8 installation certification. If one or more of the above issues occur and goes unnoticed the Health and Safety of building users will be put at risk.

The maintenance frequency of an Evaporative Cooling System is determined by the water quality, air quality and usage. An element of self-cleaning is incorporated as part of the drain and scale control cycle. A routine maintenance programme, typically every 6 months, involving inspection, cleaning and validation of operation and control parameters will ensure a hygienic and efficient cooler.

Can’t remember when you last had your Evaporative Cooling System serviced? Time to call the experts or face the wrath of the HSE!

According to Public Health England there were 730 recorded cases of Legionnaires’ disease in 2018. With news headlines like ‘With one man dead, 12 critically ill and 19 suspected new cases... Is penny pinching in your building putting you at risk of Legionnaires’? from 2012 in Edinburgh. Or In 2018 a case of Legionnaires’ disease in the UK saw healthcare giant Bupa being fined £3 million over a pensioner’s death at a nursing home in Essex, posing real ethical and commercial concerns for organisations that deploy Evaporative Cooling systems

Workspace Technology can provide a Maintenance & Support contract, is it time to put your mind at rest?

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