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International Nurses Day

12th, May 2020

As we celebrate International Nurse’s Day it seems more important than ever to celebrate the brave, vital and critical care our nurses do everyday all over our country. They are the frontline of care, the heartbeat of any hospital, hospice or care home and the sacrifice they make everyday to care for the sick is undoubtedly brave, selfless and should be celebrated.

Workspace Technology thinks every week should be National Nurses Week and here are just some of the reasons why.

• Nurses are on the frontline when it comes to caring for patients. Especially during these unprecedented times and faced with a pandemic, nurses are putting their lives and health on the line every single day to care for others.
• They care deeply. Think about the amount of time a nurse will spend performing bedside care, listening to their patients, helping and supporting them often going above and beyond caring for the sick and vulnerable.
• They are less recognised than doctors. Nurses are the eyes and ears on the ground for doctors and often do most of the legwork so doctors can make a diagnosis and treat patients. They are the ones who administer medicines and perform the doctor’s orders. They are highly trained, but despite their hard work, are often overlooked in favour of doctors.
• They get their hands dirty every day. Not everyone is brave enough to expose themselves to diseases, but for nurses this is part of the job. Along with sometimes intimate personal care, they simply accept its part of the job and get on with it.
• They worked hard to become a nurse. Not only do they have to memorise the complex medical terminology, they also studied incredibly hard to become nurses and took countless exams to do so.
• They must keep learning. The COVID-19 pandemic has bought its own set of challenges, the nature of the virus means that nurses and doctors have had to adapt the way they work as they have learnt more about how it spreads and infects people. Nurses are constantly required to learn about new medications, skills and procedures.
• End of life care. Nurses see their fare share of sickness and death and often witness the heart-breaking last moments of life with patients and their loved ones.
• They miss out. A nurse’s work never stops, patients need caring for 24/7/365 days a year. Nurses mostly work on a shift rota basis, meaning they have to sacrifice, Christmas, birthdays, anniversary’s, bank holidays and countless other important days.

It is often said that it takes a special kind of person to care for the sick and vulnerable and nurses are pretty incredible people that should be honoured and celebrated. In these uncertain times, we are all scared and worried of what the future may hold, however today is a day to stop and reflect on the sacrifice’s nurses make every single day to care for those in need. Without them we would have no hope of beating this terrible pandemic we are facing.

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