Interior Construction

Flooring Solutions

Modular Wall Systems

Mezzanine and Structural

  • Interior Construction

    Creating the space through traditional construction, joinery, partitioning, suspended ceilings and finishes.


  • Flooring Solutions

    Versatile workspace flooring systems via a range of raised access, acoustic and hardwood floor systems


  • Modular Wall Systems

    High performance modular construction providing a clean and fast alternative to traditional construction techniques.


  • Mezzanine and Structural

    Realising increased space within your premises through mezzanine floor systems and associated structural works.


Mezzanine and Structural Systems

Workspace Technology’s Mezzanine & Structural systems help you realise the cubic volume in your existing building. Rent, rates and insurance costs can be a large portion of your company overhead. All possible usable space has to be utilised and a Mezzanine floor installation offers an inexpensive way to achieve this.


Mezzanine structures create space into Commercial & Industrial environments for a variety of uses. Typically Warehouses, distribution centres, data centres, cold stores, manufacturing plants, airports, retail and commercial units are all locations where Mezzanine’s structures ensure better use of space and so help clients to save money and increase profitability.

Whatever the application for a mezzanine floor, Workspace Technology design effective solutions to address floor space problems eliminating the cost or disruption of moving premises. By making the most efficient use of the space you already have, we can help your business operate as efficiently as possible and combat the ever increasing costs of rent, rates, or even relocating.

Workspace Technology’s mezzanine floors are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards to comply with the latest legislation. Our service includes a thorough detailed survey, structural design and preparation of engineering drawings. We also can help you obtain the necessary Building Regulations approval as well as project management.


Workspace Technology is highly experienced in all aspects of mezzanine floor and support structure design. Structures with spans in excess of 20 metres are within our design and production capability.

Using the latest versions of AutoCad and Xsteel software, Mezzanine ensures state-of-the-art structure design. Mezzanine’s structures are designed to comply with current British Standards for Design of Structural Steelwork and the current Fire Precautions Act.

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