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  • Interior Construction

    Creating the space through traditional construction, joinery, partitioning, suspended ceilings and finishes.


  • Flooring Solutions

    Versatile workspace flooring systems via a range of raised access, acoustic and hardwood floor systems


  • Modular Wall Systems

    High performance modular construction providing a clean and fast alternative to traditional construction techniques.


  • Mezzanine and Structural

    Realising increased space within your premises through mezzanine floor systems and associated structural works.


Timber Flooring


Workspace Technology provides a wide range of timber species with different finishes, board widths and board construction to support both residential and commercial applications.

Workspace Technology ensures that all of our timber is selected from sustainable managed forests. Timber flooring is available in engineered or solid board, in different thickness, board widths, stave patterns and surface finish to enable us to match your exact specifications.

Our Hardwood flooring system can be installed as a floating floor, glued down or secret nailed and can be fitted in conjunction with a range of under floor, acoustic, sports and heating systems.

Engineered Hardwood Timber is a natural material, and timber floors very often suffer from movement. Workspace Technology offers a cross laminated engineered board, which reduces potential movement in the timber by up to 70%. The installation of engineered hardwood solutions result in a more stable floor. Generally boards are pre-finished removing the need for time consuming site finishing.

Traditional Workspace Technology can also install unfinished timber strips that are sanded & sealed on site. Finishes that can be applied include oil, lacquer or traditional soaps & stains.

Timber Species Timbers are only selected from sustainable managed forests ensuring valuable natural resources are not damaged. A range of standard timber species are readily available. Most timber species and grades can be sourced to suit project specific requirements.

Our Supply Partners We only use the very best and our supply chain suppliers include the premium brands Atkinson & Kirby, Kahrs and Boen

Surface Treatments Factory Finished Timbers can be provided eliminating the time consuming costly process to sand and seal the floor on site. Our pre finished treatments include:-

  • Oil – providing a silky matt finish
  • Lacquered – providing a gloss finish
  • Brushed – providing an aged finish
  • Colour Impregnated – providing for a customised finish

Board Widths Modern production techniques help reduce wastage and therefore staves (wide plank) of random lengths are utilised to construct the finished board. Boards are available in single, two or three stave widths.

Grading Hardwood is graded to display a particular range of naturally occurring characteristics. A wide choice of finished appearances can be achieved depending on its grade. This makes hardwood an ideal choice for modern, traditional or contemporary décor.

Board Thickness Boards can range from 8.5mm which are ideal for overlay and refurbishment and up to 22mm which are ideal for sports and load bearing floors.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.29.44Method of Installation

There are a range of methods of that can be used for a hardwood floor installation.

Nailed Boards are secret nailed to the underlying floor battens or joists, this method is ideal for forming load bearing floors. When combined with foam battens or a cradle under-structure, a secret nailed installation provides acoustic or sports performance capability.

Floating Floor – Boards glued together, or joined with an engineered joint, laid over a layer of foam or cork. A damp proof membrane can be installed if appropriate. This method is ideal for refurbishment and new build projects.

Glued Floor – Boards are fully adhered to the substrate. Glued construction is the preferred method when laying patterns, borders, complicated shapes and to reduce the requirement for expansion joints.


A full range of new build and refurbishment applications including residential, commercial, retail, sports and leisure sites can be provided by Workspace Technology.

Ancillary Items

  • Solid hardwood mouldings – including skirting’s, architraves and quadrants.
  • Maintenance and protection – including oil and polish and applicators.
  • Transition mouldings – which includes thresholds, nosing, jointing strips, borders, accent and strips.


Hardwood Data Sheet

Workspace Technology provides a wide range of hardwood flooring solutions and a range of timber species with different finishes, board widths and board construction to support both residential, commercial and sports applications.

Published January 2012

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