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  • Interior Construction

    Creating the space through traditional construction, joinery, partitioning, suspended ceilings and finishes.


  • Flooring Solutions

    Versatile workspace flooring systems via a range of raised access, acoustic and hardwood floor systems


  • Modular Wall Systems

    High performance modular construction providing a clean and fast alternative to traditional construction techniques.


  • Mezzanine and Structural

    Realising increased space within your premises through mezzanine floor systems and associated structural works.


Sports Flooring

Sports-FlooringHigh Performance Sports Flooring

When a high degree of resilience, shock absorption and friction characteristics are required this will be fulfilled by the deployment Workspace Technology’s Hardwood Sports Flooring system. Workspace Technology sports floors conform to BSEN14904: 2006 – Surfaces for sports areas.

Workspace Technology sports flooring solution is based on three key build elements, under floor construction, hardwood floor and the surface treatment. The combination of these construction elements will determine the use for the floor and enables Workspace Technology to create a range of sports solutions including active, dance and mixed use.

batThe Batten System Hardwood panels are secret nailed to a softwood batten with a sports grade foam under lay. A choice of batten thicknesses will be installed depending on the floor use.

Application — Mixed use sports.

batten-systemUnderlay System The underlay system is suitable for refurbishments and when a low added floor height is required. The hardwood planks are clipped together to form a continuous floor, which is laid on a foam underlay designed to provide resilience and shock absorption.

Application — Medium performance use and is ideal for keep fit sports e.g. aerobics.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 13.49.17Fully Sprung Flooring System The fully sprung flooring system is laid on sports grade levelling cradles which allow adjusted to help even out the sub-floor where required. Hardwood planks are secret nailed to a batten which assists with the levelling of the floor surface.

Application — High performance sports with maximum bounce and resilience. This system is suitable for installation in both new builds and refurbishments.

Court Markings, Sports Lines & Accessories

Workspace Technology can paint or tape lines for marking out courts and play lines for all indoor sports. We can also provide accessories which include post sockets, electric points, moulded skirting & perimeter details.

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