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  • Interior Construction

    Creating the space through traditional construction, joinery, partitioning, suspended ceilings and finishes.


  • Flooring Solutions

    Versatile workspace flooring systems via a range of raised access, acoustic and hardwood floor systems


  • Modular Wall Systems

    High performance modular construction providing a clean and fast alternative to traditional construction techniques.


  • Mezzanine and Structural

    Realising increased space within your premises through mezzanine floor systems and associated structural works.


Acoustic Flooring


Workspace Technology’s Acoustic Flooring systems are designed to insulate and help prevent the transmission of impact and airborne noise through masonry, concrete and timber structures premises including Student Accommodation, Hotels, Schools, Cinemas, Factories, Apartments and Houses.

Acoustic Floors can be installed in a range of environments including refurbishment, new build or conversion. Our Acoustic Flooring solutions include Robust Detail and are designed to fulfil the requirements of Part E of UK Building Regulations.

We deploy a range of systems supplied by leading manufacturers including Danskin, Insta and Knauf, flooring applications include use in combination with Carpet, Laminate, Ceramic, Stone and Timber.

Depending On the Application systems include:

  • Acoustic Cradle & Batten (FFT2)
  • Resilient Bearers (FFT1&3)
  • Resilient Overlay

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.23.31Cradle & Batten FFT2 – Cradle & Batten FFT2 systems can be used with a wide range of sub-floor types including: pre-cast or cast in-situ concrete and timber floors and are suitable for both PCT and Robust Detail applications.

Cradle & Batten FFT2 systems provide compliance to Part E or Part 5 when installed as part of an overall suitable construction technique for floors and ceilings.

Resilient Bearers FFT1&3 – Our Bearer Acoustic Battens comprise softwood timber with a unique double density resilient fibre layer which provides exceptional impact sound reduction, for high load areas such as bathrooms, kitchens room perimeters or to support non loading partition walls our bearers are fitted with high density foam to reduce vertical deflection.

The softwood timber has either PEFC accreditation as standard or FSC on request.

Resilient Overlay – We provide a range of overlay boards, including Knauf Brio and Danskin resilient board.

Knauf Brio is an engineered gypsum flooring panel with 60% recycled content, developed for use in new or refurbished residential and commercial buildings. It is a robust, lightweight and quickly-installed dry screed system. Brio has a very high thermal conductivity (R = 0.38 W/mK) so heating response times are faster and energy consumption is reduced.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.23.39Once installed, Brio creates a rigid monolithic floor with a high density of 1100 Kgm3, and so reduces both impact and airborne sound transmission. With its dry installation process, Brio provides efficient timely deployment.

Danskin Acoustic Overlay – Danskin offer a range of acoustic resilient overlay boards. These boards can be used with a variety of sub-floor types. Sub-floor types include pre-cast concrete, cast in-situ concrete and timber floors. The acoustic resilient overlay boards can be used in Robust Detail and PCT applications. New build and refurbishment projects are both supported. Our overlay boards offer an effective route to Part E and Part 5 compliance.


Acoustic Flooring Datasheet

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