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Why MicroFloor 600?

image40Workspace Technology’s Microfloor600 is probably the most economically priced raised access floor system on the market today.

More and more construction company’s and architects are specifying Workspace Technology’s Micorfloor600 as the low cost, high performance raised access floor system.

Unlike many of the entry price level steel encapsulated systems, Microfloor600 offers the full benefits of a raised access floor system, without compromising strength, loading or functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microfloor600 a full access flooring system?

Yes based on standard 600 x 600 mm grid, unlike many entry level steel encapsulated systems that require screw down fixture to maintain strength and integrity, Micofloor600 is loose laid and can be easily lifted using a standard tile lifter

Does Microfloor600 have a high load capacity?

Yes Microfloor600 uses mezzanine grade 30/38mm particle board panels. Compared to steel encapsulated systems at a similar price Microfloor600 offers higher UDL load and double the critical capacities of concentrated and point loads (see table below)

Microfloor600 Entry level Steel Encapsulated RAF
UDL kN/M² 8 6
Concentrated load kN/300 mm x 300 mm 4.5 2
Point Load kN/25 mm x 25 mm 3 1.5

Can Microfloor600 support a range of floor voids?

Yes Workspace Technology’s Microfloor600 supports most standard office raised floor voids ranging from 50mm up to 300mm.

Does Microfloor600 conform to the relevant standards?

Workspace Technology’s Microfloor600 conforms to EN312-part 6, DIN 68761 and PSA PF2 PS (SPU) 1992

Does Microfloor600 require earthing

No, Unlike Steel encapsulated flooring systems Microfloor600, features no metal products, negating the requirement for electrical earthing, further reducing cost of installation.

Will Microfloor600 support a range of finishes?

Microfloor600 system can be supplied with pre-finished panels or can be overlaid with a range of other finishes as required.

Can Microfloor600 be used as an acoustic floor?

Yes, in conjunction with a choice of acoustic insulating materials Microfloor600 will provide robust acoustic dampening quality whilst maintaining the advantages of a full access flooring system

How does Microfloor600 costs compare to steel encapsulated systems of a similar specification?

Workspace Technology’s Microfloor600 system will offer significant savings over steel encapsulated systems offering the same level of specification.

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