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How Workspace Technology Limited serve the Healthcare Sector

Ensuring a quality environment of patient care is a core value for the healthcare industry. New technologies—from digital imaging to security-enhancing baby finders—are helping to develop new treatments, improve care, reduce errors and decrease operating costs.

To enable these technologies, healthcare facilities need a rock-solid physical ICT infrastructure to back-up their assets, one that combines resilience and energy efficiency. Our highly efficient data centre infrastructure solutions will assist the Government objectives to provide a ‘low carbon’ quality healthcare environment that is sustainable, resilient and safeguards high quality patient care.

Workspace Technology work with numerous clients from across the Healthcare sector to provide mission critical data centre infrastructure. As we deliver a complete 360-degree service it removes the high price tag associated with consultancy fees and you can be assured that our trusted and professional team will take care of the project leaving you to get on with helping the nation.

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Possess legacy systems?

Repurposing– We can turn your old outdated legacy systems into a fit for purpose data centre by repurposing the space or we can install a prefabricated data centre solution that can be constructed offsite and deployed with minimal disruption.

Limited available investment?

Funding options – We can provide a range of leasing options to assist with the funding of your project. By being able to spread the costs over a longer period will assist you in investing in a solution that not only meets your needs now but way into the future.

Lack of internal resource?

Dedicated project team – We remove the high cost associated with the employment of consultants enabling you to improve your value for money proposition. With our 360-degree service delivery your project will be in safe hands every step of the way.

Immediate access needed?

24/7 Accessibility– Our on-premise infrastructure enables complete control of your systems and data, preventing potential security breaches and unplanned downtime as well as immediate access to patient records.

Require downtime prevention?

Reliability– Continuity and resilience of essential critical clinical services across all hospital departments can be ensured through the utilisation of resilient power from generator sets to UPS systems preventing loss of patient data or operation schedules.

Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your Data Centre Infrastructure requirements. From design to completion you can be assured that you are in safe hands with Workspace Technology.

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