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Importance of PPM During Covid-19

17th, March 2020

Undoubtedly, we are facing troubling, uncertain times and concerns about the spread of Covid-19 has forced data centre facilities to prepare for the increased usage of VPNs as employees begin to work from home as well as the increase pressure on Healthcare, Emergency Services and Manufacturing.
In addition, people are being asked to stay home and isolate themselves if symptoms appear and soon we may face school closures and possibly a full lockdown, meaning even more people will be video streaming and surfing the web when forced to stay indoors.

Because of this, the monitoring and maintenance of data centres is of paramount importance. Equipment will still need to be monitored and regularly serviced to ensure it is maintained correctly and fully operational, especially as some sites will be running skeleton staff making it harder to monitor for potential faults.

Engineers can still attend sites and carry out the regular maintenance needed if the correct measures are put in place. The engineers are conscious that social distancing is very much a priority, and as a result will keep a safe distance from all staff whilst carrying out the work required on site.

If hand washing facilities are provided then both engineers and staff can do their bit to keep themselves, each other, and the wider public safe. It’s worth mentioning that cancelling all visits could cause more issues down the line. Depending on the age of equipment, a lack of regular servicing could cause more issues which in turn may increase the risk of failures and loss of data.

Similarly, equipment under warranty that isn’t serviced will in turn see any warranty cover voided. If everyone takes the right measures, then we can all ensure we minimise the effect on our services and equipment can remain fully maintained during this difficult period.

At this present moment in time Workspace Technology will continue to operate as normal and will monitor the situation as it develops. We will ensure all our engineers follow current government guidelines and keep themselves and others protected whilst delivering critical maintenance services.

If you have any concerns about your data centre facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to provide you with the best information and services possible.

We are facing unprecedented times. The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting our families, our businesses and our communities, on behalf of all of us at Workspace Technology Limited we are committed to being your partner and persevering together in the days and months ahead.

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